#Join Avon Today! My Avon Story! What's Your Why?

#Join Avon Today! My Avon Story! What's Your Why?

Why! Did I Joined Avon?
. First when I became an Avon Rep in June of 2014. I was skeptical about it, because of the bad influence oh Avon has too many Avon Reps, too much competition among reps, you don't get online sales, & the list goes on and on. But if you listen to all this negative stuff you'll never get ahead... Always be positive... Discipline and Executing go hand in hand and that applies to what you do in life.


But let's be real Avon has been around for a long long time and many generations to come.., in-fact Avon a 130-year-old company supporting millions of Avon Reps around the globe. I was like now that says a lot about this company and the support it provides to Avon reps. When I joined Avon and up until now I'm only doing it part-time because I have a full-time job, a mom to a special needs child that requires attention 24/7, errands, and all that entitled to live. BUT that won't detain me from what I want to do with having my own business online and face-to-face order. My why? to Avon, because I love their high-quality products, I use them, share them, and that extra income, and the flexibility, you can work your Avon business at your own pace, & Avon has been in my family, and friends for many many years. I have so many why's the list would go on and on, lol...

The flexibility means you work your business from slow to how fast you want to achieve your goals, "Avon has so many benefits for our Avon reps". In any business, you start from the bottom up and how serious you are about your Avon business or any business you may be in or start, and how you want to run it for it to be successful.
"AGAIN". I don't think any business starts from the top, it starts from the bottom and works to achieve your business goals. TIP FOR AVON REPS AND FUTURE AVON REPS! 

Do you love fashion, makeup, jewelry, skincare, seasonal items, share the Avon opportunity to build your down-line meaning your own team, and so much more? Check out the videos below for several tips... Start today by signing up for only $30.00 to start your online business and or face to face ordering at Start Avon Today!

My experience when building your own team is to be ready for it. It's super important to be ready for it.
I feel that if you start selling first to get the feel of it and gain confidence is super important before you go to the next level in building your own team.. But if you have that confidence, why not? Go for it., if you have the recruiting experience, or not is achievable & support goes hand in hand when building your own team...

Are you already on social media? If not sign-up to all social media networks to start sharing your business like Google + Page, Facebook Page for your business, you can share on your personal Facebook site, but don't all the time Facebook can shut down your personal timeline, Twitter, Create your blog with Blogger or WordPress, Pinterest, Bloglivin, and so on...
  • Professionalism
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Be Unique
  • Discipline
  • Execute the work
  • Don't compare yourself to other Avon Reps
  • Never Give-up
  • Always ask if unsure about something or refer to your Avon back office
  • All info is in your Avon Back Office / Avon University is awesome to learn about your Avon Company. The more you know the more you grow in your business.
  • The passion for beauty can lead to an infinity of ideas
  • Follow Avon Advertising Guidelines all in your Avon Back Office
  • You will get Emails from me to guide/support you and get lots of tips
  • Avon Representative Login at https://www.youravon.com/us-home
  • You cannot use Avon in your Website URL LIKE Avon.com, AvonUsa.com, etc, etc.. Set-up your unique web address for your Blogger Blog or WordPress Blog
  • Have a separate email account for your business purpose only! 
  • Separate Bank accounts for business purposes only!
  • See what Avon says about fraud/spam talks about it in your Avon back office, be aware of this.
  • How to PACK & TOSS BROCHURES see more info at TOSS BROCHURE INFO
  • I've created a blog for support for my team at TEAM OPTIMISM FOR SUPPORT ONLINE!
  • When you sign-up I have to read through everything the more you know the more you grow and how serious you are about starting your own business with Avon.
Learn more about the Avon Opportunity at https://maryvjjj1.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity

Here are four of the videos you can view for support below. Check out all of the videos and subscribe @ YouTube channel AVON Representative USA

  • What's YOUR WHY?
Independence. Following your passion. Money in your pocket. Whatever your reason, we’ve all got a why that has us looking for more. See how these women like you made theirs happen with Avon.

How it WORKS

Read Info SIGN UP Choose from 3 kits, starting at just $30, which gives you all the essentials you need to get you up and running.

Share icon SHARE Hand out Avon brochures to family and friends and put your free Avon eStore to work so your customers can shop with you 24/7.

Earn icon EARN Work where you want, when you want, and earn 40% on all sales and more than $1000 in the first 90 days with KickStart!


Get a quick start to having fun, making customers happy, and loving your new business with our KickStart program.  Earn 40% on all sales (everything — one-to-one, online, and all product categories) in each of your first 6 orders when you hit each of the KickStart sales goals.  And earn more than $1,000 in total when you hit all the KickStart sales goals and recruit 3 friends to join your team and sell*.  Here’s how it works:



1ST CAMPAIGN $150                                        5-6                                          $60
2ND CAMPAIGN $200                                        6-8                                          $80
3RD CAMPAIGN $250                                        8-10                                        $100
4TH CAMPAIGN $300                                       10-12                                        $120
5TH CAMPAIGN $350                                       12-14                                        $140
6TH CAMPAIGN $400                                       14-16                                        $160
 + 3 QUALIFIED KICKSTART RECRUITS ($50 EACH)*                                $150
                                                                                      TOTAL                              $1,010

Get a quick start to having fun, making customers happy, and loving your new business with our KickStart program.  Achieve all 6 sales goals and recruit 3 or more Qualified KickStart Recruits* in your first 6 campaigns and receive an extra $200 bonus.
Total potential earnings = $1,010.
Receive $50 on every Qualified KickStart Recruit* you recruit to join your team in your first 90 days. No limit.
*Qualified KickStart Recruits must place and pay for the first order of $150+ on time during their campaign of the expected first order. Get all details on YourAvon.com

  • An empowered woman is a beautiful woman 
  • Creating beauty around her and inspiring others.  
  • For nearly 130 years we’ve empowered millions like you who are ready to discover the beauty of confidence, financial independence, and a life you love.  
  • As the largest global network of women Avon is proud to be at the heart of a sisterhood of strength and success.  
  • Our world-class products, envy-of-the-industry innovations, and unmatched reach and reputation make selling easy.
  • Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world 
  • Avon’s award-winning products are worldwide favorites of consumers, beauty editors, and industry honors. You probably have a few of these in your bag right now!
  • THIS IS THE COMPANY that puts mascara on lashes and food on the tables. That fights wrinkles with one hand and Breast Cancer with the other. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against Domestic Violence and for women's financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors but also opens them. The company supports more than 6 million Representatives in over 100 countries. This is Avon. The company that for more than 125 years has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism, and above all for women.


How do I get started?

It takes just 5 minutes to sign up! Fill out a registration form and choose your tools to set up your online business immediately. Just $25 gets you started and makes you an official Avon independent Sales Representative.

What happens after I sign up? You’ll be directed to the New Representative Center – your go-to resource for immediate info and support. Your welcome kit will be mailed to you. You’ll also be contacted by an Avon Leader to welcome you, answer every question, and guide you as you start up your business.

Can I earn back my start-up fees within 30 days? Most Avon Representatives do! Simply by launching their business to family and friends, start-up costs are covered – plus earnings. The tools and programs available to a new representative help get you off to a great start.

How much can I make selling Avon? Your earnings match your efforts, and your passion. You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your sales. Build on your success by inviting people into the Avon business and earn on recruiting efforts and team sales. Your success is unlimited!

How do I place orders and get paid? When selling face-to-face, simply collect payment with your Customer's order, then place the order via your New Representative portal online. Products will be sent directly to you to then deliver to your Customers. For your Customers ordering online, through direct delivery, you’ll receive payment and earnings through direct deposit – that’s it!

 How can I be successful? Building relationships is at the heart of our business. Whether it be face-to-face, or online, selling Avon gives you the opportunity to build on the relationships you already have – and help you create new ones. Add to that a love of beauty, a passion for success, and all the amazing support you receive when you become a Representative, and you’re on your way for unlimited rewards and success.

Can I be successful in selling online only? Yes! Avon is fully integrated into social media so there are tons of opportunities to promote your business through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Plus, Avon has its own mobile APP so you can connect with and grow your client base from your smartphone to make money any time, anywhere!

What is direct selling? It’s about direct contact with your customers, being your own boss, and having your own business. You can work independently, or with a team. You can work from home and create the work/life balance that’s just right for you and your family. However you choose to sell you’ll be part of a warm, welcoming community of people and beauty lovers just like you.


You’ll have the opportunity to choose from 3 great kits to get you started.  Every kit gives you full-size products plus samples, brochures, sales tools, and more to help you start sharing, sampling, and selling like a pro in no time!

Your Quick Starter Kit is $25.00  (value over $80)
Your Quick Starter Kit is $25.00  (value over $80)
Become An Avon Rep >>>

Your Quick Starter Kit is $25.00
(value over $80)

Favorite products to experience and sell, plus samples and a step-by-step guide for your business and more essentials.

4 full-size products + 10 samples + Getting Started booklet, catalogs/brochures, and more.

Your Advanced Starter Kit  (value over $190)
Your Advanced Starter Kit  (value over $190)
Become An Avon Rep >>>

Your Advanced Starter Kit
(value over $190)

Includes everything from the Quick Starter Kit, plus even more award-winning beauty and skincare favorites your new customers will love.

10 full-size products + 53 samples + Getting Started booklet, catalogs/brochures, and more...

Your Premium Starter Kit (value over $400)
Your Premium Starter Kit (value over $400)
Become An Avon Rep >>>

Your Premium Starter Kit
(value over $400)

Help customers get full-on gorgeous with the ultimate haul of full-size bestsellers and samples: everything from the Quick Starter and Advanced Starter Kits, plus even more. And carry it all in your exclusive Avon tote!

16 full-size products + 93 samples + Getting Started booklet, catalogs/brochures, and more.

-Facebook Group Support Team Optimism

Thank you for your support online

Shop with confidence our products are magnificent. I love to share the best with my Avon customers online.

*You may contact Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online @ teamoptimisim8@gmail.com

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