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Introducing New Kits: Part of the Enhanced On-boarding Experience Starting September 16 2016

Introducing New Kits: Part of the Enhanced Onboarding Experience Starting September 16, 2016 

Avon is introducing three brand-new starter kits for new recruits! Starting September 16, they can choose the 

$25 Quick Starter Kit,

$50 Advanced Starter Kit or

$100 Premium Starter Kit when they enroll at Enter Code: maryvjjj1
The start of your business for $15 will be changing on September 16, 2016. It will be $25.

Kits will no longer be offered for Leaders to purchase. All kits will be shipped and billed directly to the new Representative. Use up your existing inventory of $15 kits by September 15 – they’ll no longer be usable after that.
Leaders can return $15 kits that have not been used by September 15 through the Online Returns

New Kit Update: Part of the Enhanced Onboarding Experience Our new Representative Onboarding program will be launching September 16, 2016 – and along with that comes the new Representative starter kits you read about last week.
On orders placed up until September 16th, Sales Leadership Representatives will still be able to order the current $15 Starter Kit by writing inline numbers: 680-873 (English, National),
681-148 (Spanish, National), 688-119 (English, Trendsetter) and 703-121 (Spanish, Trendsetter) on their C20 orders.

Starting September 16th, Representatives at the Leader level and above will have the option to purchase a limit of one $100 Premium Starter Kit (in each language) as demos to showcase while recruiting, by writing inline numbers 996-448 (English) and 996-467 (Spanish). Leaders will get award sales on this purchase!

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