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Coming Soon: Our New Avon On the Go App - AWESOMENESS!

Coming Soon: Our New Avon On the Go App - AWESOMENESS! 
Here is the info provided for us Avon Reps in our Avon back-office that I copied to paste it here in case you missed it. Avon is sure making it super convenient for us reps to manage our businesses at ease and the amazing support we receive... Avon gives us the tools we need to help our customers and us Avon Reps... Thank You AVON!

This is one announcement we know you’re going to love: the new Avon On the Go app is almost here! The app, which is exclusive to YourAvon 2.0 Representatives, will be available for download in the app store on January 9! On the app, you can create, submit, and track orders, manage your address book, share Avon Social posts, and more!

Here’s what you need to do to prepare:
If you’re not on YourAvon 2.0, make the switch ASAP so you can take advantage of the new app. You can switch your account over here. You also need to send any outstanding orders on your current YourAvon app to your account on YourAvo…

#Avon Web TV | What’s Hot at Avon: Inside Scoop on Campaigns 18 and 19

Check it out Avon reps what's the scoop on Avon Campaigns 18 & 19. Check out your DEMO BOOKS!!
Amazing beauty, fashion, tons of trends who said Avon is old fashioned?. Better check it out.. I love Avon.
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How to setup your Avon eStore & place your first Avon order / tips.

Tutorial how to set up your Avon eStore, place your first order, and tips.
Team Optimism a blog for my Avon reps in my team or Avon reps looking for online support and tips at

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Beauty Lovers Wanted

Avon placed a job opening online for an anonymous company looking for beauty lovers. And then we told them who we are. We asked them if they wanted to become Avon Independent Sales Reps and they decided to make beauty their business! #AvonRep
Learn More at

What's Your Why? | Avon Representative Jessie's Story

What's Your Why?
Become an Avon rep today. Learn more at

Check out the video.

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Avon Web TV | What’s Hot at Avon in Campaigns 16 and 17

What's Hot on our next Avon campaigns 16 & 17. Awesome! Check it out ladies.

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I like Using Google URL Shortner

I like using Google URL Shortner for those long URL'S here's the link to check it out at's a google product, there's an App for that too. App name URL Shortener for Google's or click on image to check it out.
Read more about Google URL Shortner  FAQ at
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Avon Social Media App Guide for Avon Reps

Avon #Social Media App Guide for #AvonReps. Hope your enjoying the new app. I myself like the app it can be slow at times, but being that this app is fairly new. I'm sure the app designers will fix whatever glitches it may have. Over all I like very much.
Make sure your sharing with your social media center. You can share via text, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+.. 😊 Login to your Avon back office @
Click on WEB-OFFICE TAB once there scroll down to the bottom of page underneath customer management, click on the mobile app for iPhone or mobile app for Android.

Check out the video.
Sell Avon and learn more at or start right away at START NOW!

Sell Avon in AlabamaSell Avon in AlaskaSell Avon ArizonaSell Avon in ArkansasSell Avon in CaliforniaSell Avon in ColoradoSell Avon in Connecticut Sell Avon in DelawareSell Avon in Florida  Sell Avon in Georgia  Sell Avon in Hawaii  Sell Avon in Idaho  Sel…

What's New Avon Upcoming Sample Books for Avon Reps!

Hello Avon Reps,

For AVON Reps Only!. What's New Brochures Online - Sample Books. Avon What's New Brochures for AVON Representatives This DEMO BOOK Is for Avon Reps. 
The Avon Sample books are for Avon Representatives to shop prior to their campaign before it officially starts in the AVON catalog. It's an awesome chance to get products at a discounted price for Avon Reps, sales tools, and samples.
The R price are for representatives
The PRP price is the price for Avon representative who are at President's club sales level or higher.

Your sales determine the quantity you can order of each product unless the item says otherwise (for ex: no demo limit) You can order demos for the current campaign and also upcoming 2 campaigns. for example: in campaign 2 you could order demos from the Avon What's New Campaign 2, What's New Campaign 26, What's New Campaign 26 books.
Click on the image of the Avon What's New Book below to browse the brochure online. Sign into…