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Coming Soon: Our New Avon On the Go App - AWESOMENESS!

Coming Soon: Our New Avon On the Go App - AWESOMENESS! 
Here is the info provided for us Avon Reps in our Avon back-office that I copied to paste it here in case you missed it. Avon is sure making it super convenient for us reps to manage our businesses at ease and the amazing support we receive... Avon gives us the tools we need to help our customers and us Avon Reps... Thank You AVON!

This is one announcement we know you’re going to love: the new Avon On the Go app is almost here! The app, which is exclusive to YourAvon 2.0 Representatives, will be available for download in the app store on January 9! On the app, you can create, submit, and track orders, manage your address book, share Avon Social posts, and more!

Here’s what you need to do to prepare:
If you’re not on YourAvon 2.0, make the switch ASAP so you can take advantage of the new app. You can switch your account over here. You also need to send any outstanding orders on your current YourAvon app to your account on YourAvo…
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Labels For Your AVON Brochure's - View Review

Labels For Your AVON Brochure's - View Review. I order this labels through I received them a few days ago and I'm impressed with their labels. They have varieties of multi colors, grey, white, gold, silver, clear, and with flag logo. I choose the multi color so it stands out, and it's very easy to read the label.
It only gives you four lines to put your business info as pic shown below.. I also choose the LARGE LABEL on Roll you have both options small or large label, if you choose the sheets it's only available in the small size..
The reason I choose this pre-printed labels because I've been going through a lot of ink in my printer and buying the blank labels, and it's super expensive especially when you toss a lot of books. In my opinion this will help me save I'm giving it a shot. Avon reps check out very easy to order the labels through them. Thier website says it takes longer to get roll, but honestly they arrived qu…

Avon #BeautyBoss Lydia

Be your own #BeautyBoss This Is Boss Life. Check it out here >>> Earn up to 40% of what you sell. #AvonRep. Hear Lydia's Story.

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Kick Start Your Business - See The Amazing Opportunity-AVON

How does this kick start your business works? It works when you meet all of your sales quotas.. Earn more than 1,000 in your first 90 days when you hit all your kickstart goals. Check out the chart below. For more information Click Here to See More >>>

Kick Start Your Business. Is more than selling beauty, is about women helping women, and a few good men. To start your own Avon business you start with goals to meet and how far will you take your business. In my personal opinion in any business we start from the bottom up.. No Avon is not a gimmick! Is how willing & how hard you want to work your business.. Reason I say this because I've see a lot of negative stuff online regarding to Avon business, don't listen to that. Dreams do become true.. Avon has all the tools & support to get you started in your business..

Late on your bills? Need that extra cash? Holidays around the corner and you need that extra cash for gifts?, and the list goes on..

We all have a W…

71 Tips For Avon Reps & Much More!

Grow your Avon business. 71 Tips for fast success Are you interested in growing your Avon business? Becoming an Avon representative is super-easy and there are many resources to help you grow your business and meet your personal goals. Join my team Team Optimism @

1. Use Avon products yourself. One of the best ways to sell a product is to know everything about it. Your regular discount and demos allow you to save money and try the products yourself first.

2. Ask your customers for product reviews. When you pass out orders, ask your customer to let you know how the products perform. This is a great way for you to learn about products so that you can offer more information to other customers.

3. Share your products. If you work in an office, make sure you have hand lotion to share with your co-workers. I have gotten several orders just by letting others try the lotion sitting on my desk. Another Avon rep keeps extra tubes of hand cream for on-the-sp…

Earn more than $1000 in your first 90 days with Avon when you hit all your KickStart sales goals!

Earn more than $1000 in your first 90 days with Avon when you hit all your KickStart sales goals! @

I Love Avon & you will too!

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#Join Avon Today! My Avon Story! What's Your Why?

Why! Did I Joined Avon?. First when I became an Avon Rep June of 2014. I was skeptical about it, because of the bad influence oh Avon has too many Avon Reps, too many competition among reps, you don't get online sales, & the list goes on and on. But if you listen to all this negative stuff you'll never get ahead... Always be positive... Discipline and Executing go hand in hand and that applies to what you do in life.

But let's be real Avon has been around for a long long time and many generations to come.., in-fact Avon a 130-year-old company supporting millions of Avon Reps around the globe. I was like now that says a lot about this company and the support it provides to Avon reps. When I joined Avon and up until now I'm only doing it part-time because I have a full-time job, a mom to a special needs child that requires attention 24/7, errands, and all that entitles to life. BUT that won't detain me from what I want to do with having my own business online an…