AVON What's New Campaign 18 2023 Brochure Online

AVON What's New Campaign 18 2023 Brochure Online

What's New 101. BIG NEWS! For products that are not new and featured on the cover and/or the front section of the Brochure, you can now purchase them in What’s New at 40% off the brochure prices! This will help you promote essential collections to customers and have products on hand for instant sales. 

This is your opportunity to buy new products (“Preview Products”) in advance of the Brochure. 
You can buy 10 of everything! 
AVON What's New Campaign 18 2023 Brochure Online

Click here to shop for the current Avon brochure online.

#Avon What's New Brochure Campaign 18 2023 – Avon What’s New Brochures. All Representatives no matter what your level you will be able to order 10 of every available What’s New product so you can showcase as many new items as possible to your customers. What’s New products will also be discounted according to your sales level. Avon Demo Books

The pricing for Contender (with $40+ in Campaign sales), Premier, and President’s Recognition Program is shown in What’s New. Your Preview Product Discount is based on your Commission Level (see chart below), and will be applied at checkout.


CONTENDER (C): A Representative with Award Sales up to $4,999 annually.

PREMIER (P): A Representative with Award Sales of $5,000 to $9,999 annually.

PRESIDENT’S RECOGNITION PROGRAM (PRP): A Representative with Award Sales of $10,000 or more annually.

PRODUCT ORDERING GUIDELINES: All of our new products are featured in What’s New. For each item, you can purchase up to ten—to try, showcase, and sell to your customers. You can experience all of the colors, sizes, and varieties.

For example: if a lipstick comes in eight shades, you can purchase ten of each shade.

PREVIEW PRODUCT DISCOUNT: Your What’s New discount is based on your Commission Level. For details about Commission Levels, visit Avon.com > Seller Central > Commissions and Sales Levels.

Demoing is an excellent way for our customers to try/experience scents, lipsticks, fragrances, or the feel of lotion and creams... before they buy. Order demos and samples every campaign to support AVON BROCHURE sales a great/worth the investment. Remember, The Whats New catalogs are for AVON representatives onlyIf you want to become an Avon Representative to receive special product pricing, click here.

To Order What's New AVON Brochure Products, you must be an AVON representative to log in to your back office and view the special pricing for AVON reps... View my post on becoming an AVON rep here.


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