Do You Have Old #AVON Brochures? Don't Toss Them & This Is Why?

 Do You Have Old Avon Brochures? Don't Toss Them & This Is Why?

Hello! This is Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online since 2014. Sharing my experience of the reason why you should not toss away your old Avon brochures. The reason being is that they cost 💲 us money 💰 for us as AVON Reps. IT'S MONEY! DON'T TRASH THEM! Use them and toss them around your neighborhood even if they are expired!...

Example Below for some guidance

1. How to create labels/tags for your old Avon Brochures?
  • I use Microsoft Word Document. And I use this script ~ It's an old AVON Brochure - Check it out! Call/Text for a current catalog @ your number or visit my Avon site online 24/7 @ Thank you for your support Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online since 2014 etc...
2. Labels for your brochure?

3. Don't feel bad if you don't hand out your Avon brochures in time. Save them and when you do have the time then you can toss them. Yes, we live a busy life and this is one of the reasons why I enjoy my Avon biz, set your own pace & depending on what you want to achieve with your beauty gig.
I want to learn more about the Avon opportunity? Sure, view it by clicking here. I encourage reading everything about the Avon opportunity.

My Avon brochure is a total mess, lol!
I am getting it all organized!
If you are wondering? Where did I get this Avon tote?
I bought it when I first became an Avon Rep back in 2014. I wish they make it again.

4. Do I gain customers by tossing Avon brochures? I do gain a few customers. I think about it as I am planting a seed. 
Tip: make sure is a nice neighborhood and that they allow tossing. 
Tip: Put the Avon brochures in their NEWSPAPER STAND if they have them.
5. How much do Avon brochures cost for us Avon reps? They cost $6.95 pk of 10 I believe. It's expensive to buy the Avon brochure, but it's worth it for our biz...

I use Microsoft Word Document
The current Avon brochures are on my bureau.
I am going to try to keep up with it, lol!
Fun, fun, and more fun, lol!
When you get into it, there is no stopping.
I hope you found this post helpful. Leave your opinions in the comment section below as Avon reps experience in tossing/tossing old brochures.
You already know and love beauty. Why not sell it?

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  1. I enjoy your blog. Very informative and simple to navigate.


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