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One Of The Things I Love About Avon Is So Easy To Sign-up Online | Team Optimism
Team Optimism

⚡️Team Optimism is a site for support for my Avon Reps that joins my team or other Avon reps looking for support online⚡️.

One Of The Things I Love About Avon Is So Easy To Sign-up Online

One Of The Things I Love About Avon Is So Easy To Sign-up Online 

Make Beauty Your Business By Clicking Here

And get your online business up and running without the inventory and officially become an Avon Rep Online or the traditional way. No confusion it's right down to the nitty-gritty. Simply by just following these steps... LIMITED TIME! JOIN FOR $0, EARN 25% COMMISSION ON $40+ BEAUTY ORDERS & SAVE WHEN YOU BUY FOR YOURSELF

Beauty For A Purpose!

Follow The Steps Below

  1. Open a checking account for Avon business purpose only
  2. Create an email account for Avon business only
  3. Start blogging on all blog platforms 
  4. Super important when you sign up with Avon to create your online store link with your name or something catchy... Mine is like described in the image below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡... 
    My Online Store Link
  5. When you join Avon make sure you separate your business from personal spending keep all receipts, mileage, and everything you spend with Avon.
  6. When signing-up with Avon they will need your credential is very important to make sure all is legit with all the scamming online it's best to be safe,
  7. Tax time you'll have all records for Avon purpose only this will help you at the end of the year for record-keeping.
  8. Need more information on how to sign-up onlineread thoroughly the info below

What do I get when I sign up?

Make Life Beautiful!

When you opt for the All the Bestsellers Starter Kit sign-up for $30, you get a set of full-size Avon products and 11 brochures to share.

All the Bestsellers Set ($107 value):
Please allow two business days for your Starter Kit to ship. Delivery is based on your zip code and can take between 5-7 business days.

Our other options — a contribution to the American Cancer Society (ACS) or for the No-Cost sign-up — don’t include a kit with products or brochures, but no worries, we'll connect you to all the tools and training you need online! See below.

Note: Your ACS contribution will be aggregated and sent to ACS in a lump sum amount.

I’ve never done this before. What business support do I receive when I sign up?

All Representatives receive FREE online support, training, social media tips, and lots more to help you get your beauty business started:
  • A personalized online store your customers can shop from 24/7
  • Our user-friendly mobile app so you can sell anywhere on the go
  • Cutting-edge marketing tools and social media content to help you connect with more customers online
  • Best-in-class online training to build skills at your own pace right from home
  • Access to a community of amazing and supportive beauty lovers
  • A great incentive to help you score up to $2,000 in bonuses by achieving all maximum sales targets in your first several months. See details
  • Expert customer service support through our Avon Care Center
  • Exclusive discounts for a wide variety of services and offers via our Avon Perks program
   9. One of my helpful tips is to keep an office space for your Avon business see my post here to see tips...
  10. You get the idea consistency, organization & disciple are a must and the key to success - Team Work Makes The Dream Work. ☕
  12. Use Multibrain for Social Selling Platform. Create all kinds of posts with their system and I mean amazing social selling platform... Click here >>

AVON the company for woman
Once you've read all the blog post simply leave a comment below๐Ÿ‘‡ to reach me regarding any FAQ. Thank you for stopping by. 

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