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Team Optimism a blog for support for my Avon Reps that joins my team or other Avon reps looking for support online.

Is Blogging For Your Online Business A Good Idea? Yes, It Is. View Post To Learn Why?

Is Blogging For Your Online Business A Good Idea? Yes, It Is. View Post To Learn Why?

Hi! I'm Mary Vivanco Avon Rep Online. I am here to share my experience with online blogging. Information that will help you. Online blogging is necessary to create your online presence, promote yourself, be honest, be informative, be creative, help your team, help the customer, and a lot more information that can be shared in a blog post. Through the years of blogging, I've gained an online audience and continually, so blogging in my opinion is beneficial. 

Post Constantly

Is Blogging For Your Online Business A Good Idea? Yes, It Is. View Post To Learn Why?
Blogging is a huge part of the business in my experience. Yes, my business provides all the online tools/necessary to provide all the info to my team/customers online, but blogging for me and using the tools provided and sharing it to you blogging is much more personable, like almost a face to face interaction, and posting constantly is the main key.

First and foremost when starting any business set the best online appearance and etc... Be informative with your content with helpful tips.

Provide Revalent, Useful and Valuable Information

Valuable/relevant information is so important because it shows you truthfulness and trustworthy and to me, this is so valuable and provides excellent ethics online and communication. Information to help others is the key to success always...

Blogging For Your Business And Making A Presence Online

Is a very good idea to blog because your content can be shared and go viral it's a high probability that it does. Blogging isn't easy at all, it's hard, to begin with, trust me it was for me... It took me a long time to create relevant information β„Ή️ and to be creative & informative. To making a presence online you must be honest & real.

Start Blogging With Something Your Passionate About 

Here are some tips. For example, I enjoy blogging about AVON products and about the AVON opportunity. You may enjoy blogging about recipes, products review, organization, budgeting, traveling, exercising, knitting, marketing tips, makeup and basically you can blog just about anything but the key is to be passionate about what you enjoy doing and the outcome.

Make An Office Space In Your Home

Make An Office Space In Your Home

What do I mean about making an office space in the home? It means it will make you happy to have the space to think and write with clarity about what your blogging about. You will notice the ideas start piling up for you. You will have a sense of confidence and optimism in my experience it works for me. Organization and determination are key...

Discipline And Organization Go Hand In Hand. My office space at home. View my office pictures below. Love The AVON ABox's great value. You can say I collect them... Being organized is super important you will be happy to work and more efficiently

This Is The BOSS Life
This Is The BOSS Life
This Is The BOSS Life
This is all for this post and I hope you found this informative and beneficial. I would ask your opinion about blogging? I would like to hear your side. Share your opinions below the post. I appreciate you visiting my site. Thank you!

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