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Avon Reps Your New Digital Catalog Demonstration - Coming Soon!

Avon Reps Your New Digital Catalog Demonstration - Coming Soon! 

Click here to view/shop the new digital catalog here...

Avon Reps Your New Digital Catalog Demonstration - Coming Soon!
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Exciting updates ahead! A brand new digital catalog is hitting your online store very soon—and the features are unreal. For a taste of what’s to come, check out the info available now on AVON U. Think videos, 360° rotating images of products, tutorials, the ability to try makeup on virtually, and so much more. As we get closer to launching the digital catalog, we'll publish additional training including "how-to" videos and resources such as handouts. Be sure to check the Beauty Buzz each week for training updates! Stay tuned for more details soon.
This is all in your Avon back office  Every Monday Avon Beauty Buzz Updates fill with information for us Avon Representatives.

Rock Your Glimmer

It's time to amp things up! Our brand new Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick launched last week (along with three gorgeous new shades of our best-selling Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow!), and the feedback has been amazing. Remind your customers that these showstopping sparklers are officially out now (and on sale!). They’re buildable and absolutely perfect for everything from a subtle shimmer to an all-the-way bold metallic look.

Spread the word on social (gorgeous posts are available on Avon Social!), share your online store link, get your customers shopping, and rock your glimmer!

Let’s Get Social

Scott Kramer and the Brains are back on Wednesday, March 18 at 7 PM ET for a brand new Avon Social Live! Tune in live to learn how to optimize your Facebook Business Page and other social accounts to connect with potential new recruits! Plus, you’ll learn how to build your personal brand for your Avon business and your recruiting efforts. This one’s key for nailing your social goals—be sure to catch it live or watch the replay!

For additional digital training, you can always check out the resources on AVON U and on the social selling group on Facebook, too. Happy posting!

Training Tune In

Your week of training is in, and it’s a really good one! Stay on top of it all with the Business Calendar on AvonNow, and be sure to tune in:
  • Ashley McGowan is kicking off our weekly training today, Monday, March 9 at 4 PM ET, with an introduction to all our new spring jewelry on Facebook. Join in for a look at the gorgeous pieces you’ll need for your warm-weather wardrobe!
  • On Tuesday, March 10, Ashley’s bringing another Tip Tuesday (all about where to find the most up-to-date info for you business!) and at 7 PM ET, Jeannine Whitver is going live on Facebook with the scoop on the products that’ll help you achieve the skin goals you (and your customers!) have always wanted.
  • Wednesday, March 11 at 4 PM ET, Adriana Ariga is sharing all her tips on the best foundations and primers for mature skin on Facebook.
  • And on Thursday, March 12 at 4 PM ET, Macy Diaz is taking you through all the very best Mother’s Day giftable—you’ve got to be there!

Plus, there’s a killer double feature lined up for next Monday, March 16! At 1 PM ET, Jeannine is going live with the March Virtual Sales Meeting, covering C8-C11. Heads-up: it’s the last one with a product-focused format (we’re changing it up based on your helpful feedback!). And at 4 PM ET, Michael Sengstack is back with the next edition of Community Insider! Mark your calendars now—you don’t want to miss a thing!

Much much more in your Avon Back office. Make sure you take all modules in Avon U Training...

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