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Team Optimism a blog for support for my Avon Reps that joins my team or other Avon reps looking for support online.

The New 2020 Career & Compensation Guide Here - #AVON

The New 2020 Career & Compensation Guide Here - #AVON

Welcome to Avon. You now officially belong to an inspiring, motivating community of like-minded beauty lovers!

With your Avon business, you’ll discover the satisfaction that comes from succeeding on your own terms. You work when, where and how you want— part-time or full-time; online, over the phone or in person. It’s up to you.

This guide gives you an overview of the different Sales and Leadership levels you can achieve, along with the commissions and bonuses you’re eligible to earn. We’ll supply you with access to the tools you need to build the business of your dreams: best-in-class training through Avon U, virtual sales meetings, digital tools (like your own personal online store), (your one-stop resource for business news and updates) and so much more.

You can look forward to plenty of support along the way. You have access to the Avon Care Center (see phone numbers below), and feel free to reach out to your upline Leader or your Mentor. Remember, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. For more information, check out

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