Did You Hear The Incredible News? Sign Up For $0 #AVON

Did You Hear The Incredible News? Sign Up For $0 #AVON

Did you hear the incredible news? We’re updating the way new beauty lovers can become Avon Representatives, join your team, and start racking up those earnings! Beginning in C5 (that’s this Wednesday!), new recruits have some fab new sign-up options:
  • No-Cost Sign-Up! This is not a drill. New recruits can take advantage of no-cost sign-up (we’re talking $0, for real). It’s only for a limited time, so spread the word fast!
  • Support Team Avon! We’ll give new recruits the opportunity to contribute $5 (or more!) to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services at sign-up—an amazing way to start a new Avon journey.
  • Get Our Bestsellers! We’ll also offer our All the Bestsellers Starter Kit for $30 packed with full-size products and new brochures (a $107 value!) for everything they need to sell like a pro.
With $0 sign-up for a limited time only, there’s seriously never been a better time for you to get your recruiting on and grow that team. Go, go, go!

Did You Hear The Incredible News? Sign Up For $0 #AVON
Sign-Up For $0 here >>>

Recruiting Advertising Proviso valid C5, 2020 – C12, 2020

This document hereby amends the 2/5/2020 Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives, for only the duration, stated above (January 27 through March 31, 2020). You may advertise for the recruitment of Avon Independent Sales Representatives online or offline in any media, only insofar as specified below: 

• You must use the Avon approved assets in the Avon U Resource Library, Avon Social, or otherwise provided by Avon, or have prior written permission from Avon. 

• All advertising should direct to your online store or share your referral code in the online ad copy. You may additionally include additional contact information (phone number or email addresses). 

• You may use both Avon-branded and nonbranded keywords with the exception of the phrase “Avon Official” to maximize your online reach (search engine optimization) specifically for recruiting advertising only. 

• You may use Avon-branded and nonbranded keywords in both meta titles and meta descriptions to maximize your organic reach for both recruiting and products. 

• You must clearly indicate your name and that you are an Avon Independent Sales Representative.

• You may use only Avon-authorized earnings, lifestyle or opportunity claims. 

• All non-digital advertising with a spend valued at $5000 or more must have prior written approval from Avon’s Advertising Council. 

• If you are asked by Avon to remove any advertisement or post, you will do so immediately and absorb any expense associated with that removal. 

• Any advertising requests requiring written approval shall be obtained by submitting the form on AvonU. Important note: this Proviso applies only to recruiting advertising and does not apply to brand or product advertising. See the full Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales A representative for information on brand or product advertising. Print this PDF FILE HERE>>>
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