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This is an incredible #BLACKFRIDAY 2019 FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!!! - AVON

This is an incredible #BLACKFRIDAY 2019 FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!!! 

This is the message related to us all Avon reps. I copied and paste it here in case you missed it today. Every Monday all Avon reps receive the Avon Beauty BUZZ in our Avon back-office to keep us in the loop of things...
Don't have an Avon Lady to shop from online and if you are a customer you may shop with me here... Make sure you check this post thoroughly. Thank you, for stopping by...

This is the message from my Avon back-office...

The holidays are in full swing at Avon, which means more new offers this week to share with all your customers! The highly-anticipated 12 Days of Deals is on through Friday, November 22 so look out for that special daily offer and code on your online store and on Facebook. Remember, each code is valid for just 24 hours, so act quick!

Plus, we’re getting a head start on the Black Friday fun by kicking things off this Sunday, November 24 (through November 30). Get your customers excited for:
  • Free shipping on all $20+ orders
  • 20% off and free shipping on all $45+ orders
  • A complimentary 7-piece gift set, 20% off and free shipping on all $65+ orders
Be sure to check out the code on your online store and on Facebook this Sunday, and spread the word to your network through Avon Social. Happy shopping!

From makeup gifts and beauty gift sets to home décor and all that sparkles, discover unique gifts to place under the tree - and a little gorgeous for yourself.


Click/view the links provided below. Thank you for stopping by.

*Beauty Gifts-


1. When do I have to place my order to guarantee delivery by December 25?

Make sure your packages reach you and your loved ones in time by using our schedule for ground shipping deadlines. Expedited shipping deadlines also allow for last-minute shopping orders to arrive for the holidays.

2. What are some popular gifts for men?

From sleek jewelry in modern styles to the suavest colognes of the season, you’ll always find the perfect gift for him in Avon’s Holiday Gift Guide.

3. I’m shopping for gifts for Mom. Any suggestions?
Whether Mom needs an at-home spa day with pampering bath & body gifts or a spritz of classic perfume in a collectible decanter, the right gift for her is always on our list.

4. What to wear to a holiday party?

Light up the occasion with festive holiday fashion matched with charming, eclectic jewelry for an outfit that always shines with the season.

5. How do I find holiday makeup or holiday makeup sets?

Find merry makeup and discover everything from vintage-inspired palettes for timeless glamour to limited-edition shades in classic Avon packaging.

6. What is a White Elephant gift?

A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a popular game played during the holidays in which people bring a wrapped gift to add to a pool of presents. Based on the drawing of numbers, players go in order to choose a gift—either from the pool or from a previous player. After everyone has had a turn, the first player can swap his or her gift with any other opened gift. Anyone whose gift was stolen can steal from another player as long as that person hasn’t been stolen from yet. The game ends as soon as someone chooses not to steal a gift. Find the perfect White Elephant gift to take to your next party in our Stocking Stuffers Guide – gifts for everyone and at every budget!

7. Do you have any holiday décor ideas?
Avon’s holiday gift guide of home décor has all that sparkles and smells of the holidays! From unusual gifts that sparkle to beautiful candles to fill your home with the scents of the season.

8. Do you have any ideas for stocking stuffers?

Avon’s holiday gift guide has plenty of stocking stuffer gift ideas because we know that nothing says Christmas like stockings hung by the fire. To make it easy to choose good Christmas gifts for stocking stuffers, we have $10, $20 and $30 gift ideas for you.

Thank you for your support online   

Shop with confidence our products are magnificent. I love to share the best with my Avon customers online.  

Mary Vivanco your mentor & support Avon Rep Online

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