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The Avon #Static #Brochures #Online Are No Longer Active - #AVON

The Avon #Static #Brochures #Online Are No Longer Active - #AVON,

I dislike/my thoughts on the fact that we no longer can access the static brochure links. These static brochures help us Avon representatives with posting about the Avon brochure and talk about it. It helped with the fact that we can save the image and post on social media, blogging and etc... 

Now, it's in the form of PDF in which I find it very difficult to download and upload to blog about and so much slower, in my opinion, I believe people wouldn't want to print the entire book so that's why us Avon reps would blog about it and the customers/representatives would be able to click on the item to view it and read the description on the product. 

A static brochure is a brochure that is not active but we are able to view the campaign prior and future ones. here is an example of how I use my  brochures and the What's New brochure ← for Avon Reps. 

I also emailed Avon as well and many other Avon reps did as well let's hope they reestablish the Avon Static links. If you are an Avon Representative please email Avon regarding why would you like for the static brochure to reestablish? Email 

*I think Avon should have done is to update the original static links brochures.

These are the Avon static original links below

My favorite static Links

Avon What's New link

Here is the NEW UPDATED PDF Version

I don't want to be a downer but here is my emoji, lol!!! or perhaps we just don't like change ;).

The Avon #Static #Brochures #Online Are No Longer Active - #AVON

Avon Brochures Online

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