For AVON Reps Vid #2 Series - Team Optimism

For AVON Reps Vid #2 Series - Team Optimism

Helpful tips for AVON representatives the amazing journey when starting your AVON biz or any business. The question/motive is WHY? Create a vision board or a journal for your business purpose only be disciplined, organized, helpful, creative & consistent in all you do with your business & this also applies in our everyday life. 

I am sharing my AVON journey with you to help you be successful. Let’s get together on this amazing sisterhood of AVON representatives online... Join AVON here.

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For AVON Reps Vid #2 Series - Team Optimism

These are other tips besides what I mentioned in the vid...

Avon is full of resources/tools to support your Avon business. Avon University is the way to start successfully. Avon U is the successful way to start Avon...

Helpful Tips:

1. Know your products
2. Organization
3. Be Informative
4. Share the opportunity
5. Be Creative
6. Have Fun
7. Set up a vision board
8. Meet your goals
9. Be a Team Player
10. Everyone wins when helpful to one another
11. Don't compare yourself to other reps
12. Be you!
13. Be Thankful!
14. Teamwork makes the dream work
15. Follow all Avon guidelines for great success
16. Use the Blogger blog to start blogging or WordPress and start blogging and be super informative/knowledgeable about your products. I use blogger and WordPress and I'm on all social media.

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