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Coming Soon: Our New Avon On the Go App - AWESOMENESS!

Coming Soon: Our New Avon On the Go App - AWESOMENESS!

Here is the info provided for us Avon Reps in our Avon back-office that I copied to paste it here in case you missed it. Avon is sure making it super convenient for us reps to manage our businesses at ease and the amazing support we receive... Avon gives us the tools we need to help our customers and us Avon Reps... Thank You AVON

This is one announcement we know you’re going to love: the new Avon On the Go app is almost here! The app, which is exclusive to YourAvon 2.0 Representatives, will be available for download in the app store on January 9! On the app, you can create, submit, and track orders, manage your address book, share Avon Social posts, and more!
Here’s what you need to do to prepare: If you’re not on YourAvon 2.0, make the switch ASAP so you can take advantage of the new app. You can switch your account over here. You also need to send any outstanding orders on your current YourAvon app to your account on and submit them. They will NOT carry over to the new app. As long as you have the YourAvon app already downloaded on your device, it will update on January 9 (or your device will show you an update is available). If you don’t have the app already, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play
To learn more about the app and all its great features, check out this intro video with Evy DeAngelis, Executive Director of Sales Development. She’ll show you just how incredible this new app is. Avon On the Go is everything!

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