Labels For Your AVON Brochure's - View Review

Labels For Your AVON Brochure's - View Review. I order this labels through I received them a few days ago and I'm impressed with their labels. They have varieties of multi colors, grey, white, gold, silver, clear, and with flag logo. I choose the multi color so it stands out, and it's very easy to read the label.
It only gives you four lines to put your business info as pic shown below.. I also choose the LARGE LABEL on Roll you have both options small or large label, if you choose the sheets it's only available in the small size..
The reason I choose this pre-printed labels because I've been going through a lot of ink in my printer and buying the blank labels, and it's super expensive especially when you toss a lot of books. In my opinion this will help me save I'm giving it a shot. Avon reps check out very easy to order the labels through them. Thier website says it takes longer to get roll, but honestly they arrived quickly for me.. I hope you find this post helpful.
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Labels For Your AVON Brochure's

Labels For Your AVON Brochure's

Labels For Your AVON Brochure's


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    1. Sorry for my very delayed response. No, it's not a referral link that would be nice. I don't getting for it. Go to to start your website. Need more just let me know. Thanks


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